Plan B,C,D and E


In your day to day career, vocation, profession or job, do you, like me, look at the most daunting project and wonder how on earth you are ever going to make it happen?  How will you get it done?  How will you make it a success?  Then somehow after months and months of hard work, patience, damage control, plan b,c,d and e,  the stars finally align and things come together and you realize you made the unthinkable happen?

Why are we able to pull through at work but we are terrified and encumbered to push for success in our own personal pursuits? 

We think our idea is dumb? Well that dumb idea we had to bring to life at work was somehow massaged into something polar opposite of dumb and managed to become a huge success. 

We don’t have the energy? Well those 3pm. crashes at work don’t allow for a procrastination induced nap, daydream or facebook perusal so we grab a coffee and press on. 

We think the road is too long, daunting and impossible?  Well that project at work we had to tackle when we couldn’t even wrap our head around the first step but we came up with a plan to move on it regardless, made us the star in upper management’s eyes for weeks.

I suppose at work you have the fear of getting canned, let go, warned or fired if you fail which is good incentive not to.  Maybe we should threaten to fire ourselves from our own lives if we don’t get moving and make things happen?!?

Shannon, if you don’t have this book done by summer of 2016 as planned YOU’RE FIRED! 

Yikes…I better step it up.