Enjoy the Pursuit and the Victory!

If I didn’t already realize the exorbitant number of hours I spend at work each week, I understand now.

Imagine having 8 luxurious hours a day, or 40 indulgent hours a week to work on my baby food cook book??

Prior to embarking on my new adventure I didn’t think twice about my time spent at work.

9-5 seemed standard and comfortable…until Friday afternoon at around 3pm. of course.

Now I see how useful each and every minute of the day is as I try to cram in my new venture in fleeting weeknight minutes and the “already chalked full of other stuff” hours of the weekend.

Still, it’s exciting to imagine a day when my new 9-5 could be my Baby Food Evolution.

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the theory that people get more enjoyment out of the pursuit of something they are passionate about, rather than the achievement of it…I have a feeling I’ll be just as happy in victory as I am in pursuit!

Carrying on with my pursuit, I would get lots of enjoyment out of highlighting some tips on how to prep baby food ingredients with a little help from your family.

Cleaning, peeling and chopping veggies and fruit seems like a daunting task at the best of times but is especially so for time crunched parents.

I have a secret…you can ask for help without diminishing your “Supermom” or “Superdad” status.

Even though we all know that peeling and chopping is the most labour intensive part of the work, the one who creates, cooks, purees and stores seems to get all the glory!

It reminds me of those cooking shows when you see the stress free chef adding ingredients to their recipes that are perfectly chopped, measured and resting in immaculate vessels leading us to believe how simple it is to create a culinary masterpiece from scratch.

In reality, if you start cooking before you have done all your chopping and peeling you could endure unnecessary physical and mental pressure as you strive to get the rest of your ingredients ready to add in before something starts to burn.

If you simply ask your spouse to help prep some food when they have a few spare minutes, you can have peeled and chopped veggies waiting for you in the fridge to steam when you’re ready.

I find they even get enjoyment out of playing a part in creating baby’s menu.

So start asking for help, and enjoy the pursuit of joint ingredient prep, and the victory of providing delicious meals for your baby!