Bring On The Happy!

It’s not an old wives tale that happiness is contagious.

Studies have shown that laughter can lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system, reduce stress hormones and trigger the release of endorphins which are the body’s natural pain killers.

Every mom and dad should take a huge dose of laughter daily to get them through the daily grind that is raising a child.

If only it were as easy for us in our state of extreme exhaustion to laugh as much as our pre-schooler better halves who do approximately 400 times a day, compared to our measly 17.

Lucky for us laughter is contagious, so the next time you see your little one whaling away in fits of giggles at something you think couldn’t possibly be funny, join in!

Even forced laughter can turn into real laughter and before you know it those endorphins are doing their job and you don’t feel quite as tired, stressed or frustrated as you did a few minutes ago.

When we get my little guy Carter up in the morning and rush to get him dressed and out the door to daycare he is less than impressed that he can’t have 10 minutes to linger and play with Ernie or watch one of his favourite videos.

To get him a bit more enthused my husband jovially chants, “come on Carter, let’s get your shoes and coat on to go to school…HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!”

Just hearing the word “happy” immediately changes his mood (most days) and he forgets about his buddy Ernie and the video.

With kids in the house there is no shortage of hysterics to tap into…we just have to take a light hearted approach to our day and succumb to the nonsensical dramatics our kids provide for us to LAUGH.

I think the funniest food you can feed to your baby is pureed peas.

I’m not sure why…it just seems to make me laugh to see that inexplicable, brilliant green mess all over a baby’s face.

To think of someone ingesting something that colour is funny if you ask me.

Good thing along with enhancing your mood, peas also provide baby with vitamin C, zinc, vitamin B6, niacin, iron, potassium, folic acid and thiamine…so if you have about 5 minutes to spare you can bring on the pea puree and bring on the funny!


Do You Have 5 Minutes Pea Puree

Age – 6 months +


  • 2 cups (or 856 if you’re Rain Man) frozen or fresh Peas
  • Yes, that’s it

Baby Steps

  1. Put peas in a steamer over boiling water and steam for 5 minutes.
  2. Remove from heat and transfer to a blender, food processor or bowl if using a hand blender, and add 3-5 tbsp. or more of the cooking water to the peas depending on the consistency you desire.
  3. Puree to a smooth texture.
  4. Let cool for a few minutes then transfer to freezing trays, or a container to store in the fridge.
  5. Frozen cubes should be used within 3 months and the refrigerated puree within 48 hrs.

Makes – Approx. 6 servings and a hysterical green coloured mess on your baby’s face.