We'll See

Finding the time to squeeze in this blog and the writing of my baby food cook book which includes recipe trials and nutrition study is proving to be very challenging in my world of engaging full-time work and engaging full-time family.

I started my quest last summer and have been relentless in fitting in time on weekends during naps and fleeting moments here and there during astonishing alone time.

Sometimes I need a boost of inspiration.

Besides watching Dragon’s Den knowing exactly how they feel when they get the ever elusive “YES, I believe in your business” comment, I am also an inspirational quote junkie.

“I will prepare and someday my chance will come” –

Abraham Lincoln

I have had this compelling quote pinned up on my bulletin board ever since I was 2 yrs. old…o.k. maybe I’m exaggerating, but I bet if I was allowed to use push pins and understood the gravity of this quote at age 2, I would have.

In moments when I’m feeling a little lack lustre about my journey I check in on a website called “Startup Quote” to bask in the useful words of those who “made it”.

"Stay Hungry, Stay Strong”, are powerful and affecting words that Steve Jobs delivered during his 2005 commencement speech at Stanford.

This phrase is on auto-repeat in my brain.

I will stay hungry because I don’t quite know how not to.

Foolish is a trickier one for me.

I am not so foolish as to give up my day job in pursuit of my goal, however I am still foolish enough to tell everyone I’m writing a baby food cook book and hope to develop my own business around it one day.

Underneath the smiles and high fives I get from some, I bet there are thoughts of, “poor girl…she thinks she is going to write a baby food cook book that will be sold in places beyond her annual Cleaveholm Drive neighbourhood garage sale.”

Or maybe that’s just what I fear they’re thinking?

Regardless, I have my qualms about acting or sounding foolish so I’ll have to let loose and work on that one.

So I will be relentless in my quest for spare time to work on this, stay hungry and work on being foolish, and then “we’ll see” what happens.

“We’ll see”, is an inspirational quote I took from my mother.

When my brothers and I wanted something we would look up at her with big Puss ‘n boots (from Shrek) eyes and ask the big question.

She would then consider an answer and begin with, “we’ll see.”

That used to always mean YES!!