Persuasive Universe

Monday night I seared the palm of my hand on a fresh out of the oven pan handle which made the rest of the evening challenging as an icepack became an additional appendage.

We are going on vacation next week so I’ve been trying to fit in 2 weeks’ worth of work into 1 week less the time it takes to leave early to get to the daycare on time to circumvent the dear five dollar a minute charge of tardiness.

Hubby has been traveling for a couple of days so I’m playing Mr. Mom…or just mom I guess.

And today was Thursday and I had to commute through what the fear mongers on the news have been building up to be the ice storm of the century…in April.

You know what they say, “April ice storms stunt May flowers”…or something to that affect.

My usual stressors seemed acutely bothersome this week so when the trustworthy newscasters of the greater Toronto area told me my drive was going to be treacherous, I had no choice but to believe them and stress further more.

Will this week ever end?

Ok universe…you got me.

I appreciate that I’m going to Barbados on Saturday.

You can stop trying to force the issue.

I have to apologize, but due to my challenging week I must say I don’t have any baby food recipes to share with you.

Actually that is a lie.

Here is one.



Age - 6 months +


  • 1 banana

Baby Steps

  1. Peel the banana.
  2. Mash the banana.
  3. Serve the banana.

Even I would have time to make this for baby during my hectic week…would you?

I don’t need the universe to force me to appreciate you for reading; because I do…I really do…appreciate you.

Now Bon Voyage!

Actually, you should be saying that to me because I’m not sure if you caught it earlier but I’M GOING TO BARBADOS ON SATURDAY!