The Re-Birth of my Leap of Faith

It only takes one person other than your mom, spouse or best friend to believe in you to make all the difference.  I began my journey of writing a baby food cook book about 4 years ago now with the intention of taking baby steps towards my goal.  Baby steps turned into ant baby steps when reality hit and factored in my high demand job, raising a family, keeping fit and watching Survivor and The Amazing Race.  Time was escaping me, and with that, enthusiasm.

One person came along and believed in me and got the fire and fervor burning again.  One person can help push you through the last 10% leaving self-doubt and indifference in the dust.  Never underestimate the impact you can have by being someone’s one person.

My first blog, nearly 4 years ago, included a laundry list of things I planned on accomplishing and I’m just about there.  Now that I have the website up, trade mark application in for “Spoonfed” and brainstorming sessions for product ideas underway it feels like I’m jumping off a cliff not knowing if I’ll land flat on my face or on a stepping stone leading to the top of one of the greatest mountains.  Or even somewhere in the middle like a stepping stone to the top of one of those really big dirt piles around a construction site that your kids ask if it’s a mountain while looking out the car window on the way to Walmart.  Regardless it’s scary.

Spoonfed Baby Food Shannon Mountains.jpg

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the thought of having products AND A BOOK up for sale on my website that people may even want to buy.  I can’t believe a transaction of some sort could take place and as a result a shipment of that special little something out to the kind person who bought it.  I would carefully wrap the goods, put them into a lovely box and into the basket on a bike with a basket that I do not currently have to happily deliver it to that wonderful person who took the time to buy something that I love.  UPS may have a different method in mind but that’s how I would do it.

 My time crunch has not changed, if anything, it’s gotten crunchier, but now that the enthusiasm is back, it’s fuel for the rest of the journey.

As always, thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing many more fun and delicious baby food recipes with you over the coming months.

Now if you’ll kindly excuse me I’m going to go watch Downton Abbey to get back to some normalcy if only for an hour.