Just Done It!

Over the past few months I’ve been really geared up about the thought of actually turning my thoughts of entrepreneurship into reality.  Along with the anticipation and excitement are circling thoughts of what to tackle first.  In what order should I begin to change my life?  Should I apply to trademark the brand name I have in mind to make sure the distinction I have my heart set on isn’t registered to someone else?  Should I register my business, or rather the thought of my business since it’s not much of a business at this point other than in my mind?  Should I forget about both of the previous points until I have my baby food cook book near completion?  Should I work on writing my book instead of watching Survivor?  So many thoughts circling in my head.

I think I have a lot to share, a lot of information and advice to offer fellow parents who want to learn about preparing baby food at home without it monopolising every minute of the day.  I live it with my family and love them and the practice whole heartedly.

I imagine a day when the term” homemade baby food” simply becomes “baby food” and is habitually associated with being homemade.  That would be a good day.  

I’m banking on a statement that my Marketing teacher enlightened me with one day in College.  He asked us what the difference was between a successful person and a non-successful person.  He said the one who succeeded “Just did it.”  The other one opted not to do whatever it was they dreamed of for fear it was a silly thought, they didn’t have enough time, or any other reason that would validate not achieving their goals.

So I figure, if I keep working away at this, taking Baby Steps that my time constrained life allows, one day all the steps will add up to something of consequence and I will have magically “Just Done It” like the successful person my Marketing teacher told me about.