Bottle The Energy

If only I could bottle the energy that breaks with my toddler’s ear to ear smile when he’s realized that mommy or daddy has magically appeared in his bedroom doorway to rescue him from a long night’s sleep into a brand new day of endless possibilities!  That’s the kind of energy I’m in need of to get me through my day and make some clear headway on the writing of my baby food cook book.

I tend to find time in the car on the way to work after that first coffee to brainstorm ideas and jot down notes at stop lights.  I have even more time on my way home while I sit in gridlocked traffic due to construction.  As soon as one road works assignment reaches completion, another unavoidable route begins demolition…there is never any time to celebrate a good job on a clear pathway of asphalt home.   

I suppose brainstorming in the car and jotting down notes doesn’t make for a great book, so I’m trying to work away at it in the evenings when the boys are in bed and hubby is playing on his ipad.  Weekends are saved for trying out recipes and getting the measurements right and more writing…along with hockey tournaments, friends for dinner,  walks with the dog, farmer’s market, house cleaning top to bottom (with hubby’s help of course), groceries, working in the garden and Baby Einstein feature presentations.  Yes, I think I’ll have this book written and my business up and running in no time.

Sarcasm aside, as I come across noteworthy information related to my quest, I want to share it. Best Super Foods for Baby is a great article outlining the fundamental foods used in making homemade baby food, including nutritional information and tips on how to prepare them.

Although at times this journey seems a bit chaotic trying to fit everything into my day, I am approaching it with a sense of calm somehow.  I think the fact that when I’m working on my recipes or researching facts for my book, the very nature of the work makes me think of my boys and in turn that smile and elation I get to see from my toddler every morning.  That’s the nourishment I need to succeed.