Mini, Toothless Humans

It’s intimidating enough to bring a baby into the world, nurture and take care of them to make sure they don’t break.

Once it’s time to introduce solid foods the anticipation of buying different baby foods in their distinctive jars is exciting.

Preparing bambino’s food at home with personally chosen ingredients isn’t an option due to the detrimental effect we imagine it could have on him or her.

Yes, it’s much easier to buy the baby food in jars developed by companies that have done all the home work for us with the promise of all natural ingredients.

I’m not sure how an all natural pear puree could have a shelf life beyond 24 hrs. without being refrigerated?

I think we’ll need Nancy Drew for that inquest.

I understand the correlation between feeding your pet, pet food made especially for Rover or Fluffy, and how the same thought process works for feeding your baby, baby food specially prepared in jars just for the tiny creatures we give birth to, a.k.a. babies.  So in short, we feel we must buy pet food for pets and baby food for babies.  In reality, a baby is a mini, toothless human.

A mini toothless human should be able to eat the same food that regular sized toothless humans eat right?

Of course you have to do your homework and research the facts about food allergies that are more common than others in babies, but I’ve learned that the risk of your child having a food allergy correlates to your family’s history of food allergy tendencies.

Once you are comfortable with the rules you should follow regarding the introduction of foods to your baby, there is no reason why you can’t start to experiment with various homemade fruit and veggie purees leaving a few days in between each introduction to monitor any reactions they may have.

You would have to do that anyway with store bought baby food since the jarred fruit & veggie purees do actually have some bona fide fruits and vegetables in them along with whatever else is in there to allow the all natural ingredients to sit on the shelf for days upon days.

Our babies are precious to us and I know I wasn’t the most confident mother when it came to feeding my 1st son.  Like the majority of other parents, I relied on the popular baby food brands to provide me with everything I needed to feed my son once he started on solids.

I really wish I knew then, what I know now…babies are just like us…wonderful little humans with an appetite for life and good food.

For all the first time parents out there who may seem a little intimidated about all things baby, check out this article on Jen Reviews! It includes lots of great info. to explore on everything you need to know, product wise and otherwise, to help you care for your little one.  I have every confidence you are well on your way to becoming a baby expert. :)